Chrissy Abria

Chrissy Abria (born 1986) grew up the first years of her life in the Philippines and moved to Germany (Hannover) when she was 9 years old.
Already in her childhood she dedicated herself to art and was very active with it (painting/drawing). However, after school she decided to learn the profession of electrical engineering, which she still practices today. The art moved into the background. Since 2005 Chrissy lives with her family in North Rhein-Westfalen (Willich). Her daughter was born in 2015 and with that Chrissy’s interest as an artist grew again, with success.
Chrissy Abria developed a passion for realistic art, especially oil painting. She subsequently completed academic training in old master oil painting.
As tradition dictates, Chrissy begins her works in the old master technique by underpainting, then glazing the colors in layers. Because of the lengthy process, the result is an inspiring representation of reality.
Inspired by her worldwide travels, Chrissy imbues her paintings with a special atmosphere that immerses viewers in a new world. Her intention here is that viewers can take on new perspectives to create dimensions.
In this context, resin art is significant.
Chrissy has discovered the undiscovered three-dimensional depth of epoxy resin and is applying it to the artistic scene. Because of the potential dangers of epoxy, safety is paramount with the use of appropriate equipment. What is unique about resin is the crystal clear, mirror-like result where the flow of the resin cannot be controlled. A unique piece is created due to the indeterminacy of the result.
Be inspired and join Chrissy Abria on her unfinished journey.